Sunday, October 11, 2015

Sunshine's Book Store

Besides my nickname, Sunshine, I also go by, Linda Bilyeu which is the name I write my articles under. And then there is my author name, Linda Kaywood.

You may be wondering, why do I use Linda Kaywood as my author name? The answer is simple, it was my name when I picked up my first pencil so it's only fair that the five year old in me gets the credit for the author in me.

Some might call me a pimp of sorts. Possibly because I am a pimp, but not in the sense you might think, more of an informal pimp. Such as to sell or promote (something) in an extravagant manner. I pimp from the heart. Authors, doctors, businesses, friends, family that offer services that have impressed me and earned a shout-out. I am pimping myself within this blog.

You could view my articles by clicking on (Linda Bilyeu) above, you could visit my books on Amazon by clicking the book titles below. You never know what you might discover, who knows maybe you will find yourself pimping others one day.

No matter which name you call me, even if that name isn't listed, I welcome you to my book store. This is the place you will find my published creations in one place for easy shopping.

Once you click the title, the link will take you to Amazon to view or purchase.

Team Cap's Prostate Cancer Journey was written over a 7 year period and published in August 2015. This book is a detailed and documented journey of my husband's battle with prostate cancer which began in 2008 and came to a screeching halt in July 2015. Through my words and Team Cap's struggle you will discover that with determination and positive thinking you could also overcome many obstacles in your life.

Letter to Cancer: Lessons Learned was published in June 2015. This book includes a letter I wrote to cancer expressing my many emotions that I feel towards the dreadful disease. During mine and my husband's journey we learned many lessons which I have also included in the book.

Haiku by Sunshine was published in April 2015. This book contains non-traditional haiku poetry. Guaranteed to bring sunshine into your life. I published this book first as to get my feet wet in the self-publishing world. So far, so good.

I also personally ship these books. Signed. If interested you could contact me at:


  1. Love your website, Sunshine~ this post is as amazing as you.
    I love each of your books...just in time for the holidays.
    Love and hugs, MM

    1. Thank you, MM for inspiring me through my writing journey. Mostly, thank you for your friendship.